Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Art and Soul goodies

I finally got my camera and a couple of projects from Art and Soul on the same floor of my house. It sounds easy, but for some reason, it never is!

This is the book I made in the dark with the Ashmans. Yes, in the dark. Our class was held in the bar at the nearby Holiday Inn. The ceiling was painted black and the lighting was just about non-existent. The facilities staff at the Holiday Inn was wonderful, though. They brought in lamps from other parts of the hotel and helped us as best they could. Of course, the other side of the room had lights that kept shutting off when they got over-heated! Most of us stayed and made the best of it. The Ashmans have the BEST projects! This covers of this book are beautifully textured Baroque glass with copper plumbers tape around the edge, framing printed transparencies. The bolts on the right side of the cover are not put in yet, as I need to grind my glass down just a smidge.

The spine is made from more plumbers tape, nuts, bolts, washers and a cut-up metal coat hanger. It's really a clever binding idea. I love this book! It truly looks like a relic from the sea.

More show and tell this week...


dogfaeriex5 said...

this book is beautiful!! simply gorgeous! i have several of lisa call's charms also, she is a great gal! your bracelet you made in her class is adorable!!
take care~k

lindaharre said...

WOW....What a neat book! I can't believe all the stuff you used to bind it:) Really unusual! Great job!

Kyla said...

Here is your 2nd WoW! I this is so cool I have neve seen anyting like it.

One Crabapple said...

I was here the other day and saw your beautiful journal and then !! of all things the next day I saw Tom Ashman on CRAFTLAB doing his journal making! WOW ! I am so inspired to try this now.

beautiful !!!