Thursday, September 28, 2006

The countdown has begun… Art and Soul!! Im thrilled about my classes this year. And, Im excited about 5 nights at the Embassy Suites: no laundry, no house cleaning, no office job! Im almost as happy about not having those things in my life as I am about my classes. I think that says something about my life and it's not good! I'm also looking forward to spending time with some long-distance friends that I met at the first Art and Soul. Oh yea, and the bountiful breakfasts and free happy hour every night are two more perks!! Is it Wednesday yet?

Heres my class line-up:

Wednesday: Fused Chain Charm Bracelet with Lisa Call. I think I am the *most* excited about this class. It just really sounds like something Ill like to do. Ive been reading Lisas blog and she seems like someone Ill enjoy learning from, too.

Thursday: Stitched! Exploring Fabric Books with Lesley Riley. I LOVE Lesley. I took a class from her at the first Art and Soul. She has this quiet elegance and composure that Id love to have. And, Ive recently started playing with fabric, so this is perfect timing.

Thursday night: Tin Can Wearable Journal with Linda and Opie OBrien. I have the tools to work with tin and their wonderful metal art book, but I havent made the time to play with them. This class will get me started.

Friday: Ladies of the House with Beckah Krahula. I love to solder. (Im opening an Etsy shop after Art and Soul!) In this class, we will learn a technique for transferring images to glass and a stamping on glass technique. I saw the instructions for these in the book Simply Soldered, but once, again, I havent made the time to try it on my own. Ive found that for transfer techniques, which require a bit of trial and error, hands on learning with an instructor saves a lot of frustration.

Saturday: Stained Glass Journal: All Metal Binding with Tom and Ramona Ashman. I took a class from this couple at Artfest this year. They are simply a wonderful team. It is so nice to be around married people that are working together and REALLY enjoy and respect each other. Their personalities and strengths compliment each other well. And, I saw an example of this book in person and its GORGEOUS! I bought some copper rosary bead chain on Ebay that I want to incorporate into the spine on this book.

Sunday: Building Your Own Spirit House with Nina Bagley. I saw the student creations from this class at Artfest. They were wonderful! They are little houses made with mica, copper mesh and transparencies. I want to make some of these for Christmas. I can just see it with transparencies of cool Gothic architecture and angels.

Monday: Opulent Patterns and the Cross Structure Book with Albie Smith. This sounds like a fun, playful day. A great way to end a fun week of art and friends.

Between now and Wednesday morning, I have a fabric book to complete for a swap, finish alter ing my beret for Art and Soul, put on an open house in the rental we are selling and get enough food in the house for my non-cooking husband and son. I'm sure they will live on pizza and chili. Maybe it's a good thing that I'll be gone that long!

The image above is an altered cabinet card I made.