Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back again!

Wow. Time *does* fly, whether you're having fun or not!

I can't believe I skipped March all together. It did kind of go by in a blur. I've been working A LOT. Ugh.

I've been cruising my favorite blogs and checking out what everyone made at Artfest this year. I skipped it for some very good reasons, but I really wish I had gone now. I *must* take a class from Anahata Katkin one of these days. I loved what everyone made in her Funky Wallpaper People class!

This month, I signed up for Art and Soul-Portland. Today, I received the confirmation email telling me that I got all my first choice classes! Yahoo! I have a few jewelry classes and several collage classes. I can't wait. This is my "me" time each year. And with Mike going to Egypt for 6 weeks this year and probably deploying next spring, I NEED this!! I have classes with some wonderful teachers. I want it to be October now!