Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm still here!

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted!

Here is my first installment of "What I did at Art and Soul". Strangely enough, this is what I created in my class on the last day. But, it's scanned and I wanted to post, so here goes.

Albie Smith is a FANTASTIC teacher. She is very low-keyed and gentle, with a great wit. She was perfect for my last day, when I was running on adrenaline and my brain was on art overload. The technique we worked on required letting go of planning and over-thinking things. (Two of my vices!) The class had a very cool name: "Opulent Patterns and the Cross Structure Book". Sounds serious, doesn't it? We made paste papers and constructed a very beautiful , yet simple book structure. Here is the cover of mine:

It was all very intuitive and free-flowing. Perfect for the last day! Here is a page from the inside:

We used foam stamps, rubber stamps, stencils and plastic doilies. I remember my grandmother having plastic doilies! They are great for stamping. One of the paints we used was a wonderful bronze paint from Golden. It had bronze and green in it and I could have used that all day!

That's it for today. Tomorrow we close on the house we sold! And, it's our 16th wedding anniversary. Now *there's* a great way to start year 17!

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lindaharre said...

I love these pages......I don't know if I have the patience to go through that many steps.....maybe if I was doing it with someone:) Whatever the case....they are beautiful