Thursday, July 13, 2006


As promised, I made some artwork with Florence, my new photo friend. I belong to a group of mixed media artists known as the Portland Art Collective. Today was the annual picnic. It was also my first in-person meeting. I've belonged to the Yahoo group for a while, but getting up to Portland to the monthly meetings has been difficult for me. Today, all the stars aligned and I made it. It was worth the drive and more! Of course, I got lost on the way back to work, so it took me twice as long to get there. It was still worth the drive!

We each made a shrine with a wood box. We all started out with the same size box. We had no theme or instructions. Just make a shrine. It was wonderful to see all the creativity! I've seen many of the other member's work and I was a little nervous going into it. Everyone was warm and friendly, though. We swapped the shrines by drawing names from a hat. I truly would have been happy with ANY of the shrines. I was lucky enough to get Diane Downs' shrine. It has all kinds of wonderful bits in it. It is truly a treasure.

This piece started out with blue, green and purple paisley paper for my inspiration. What, you don't see the paper? lol. It didn't end up in the finished piece. Isn't it funny how art takes on a mind of it's own sometimes?


Bridget =) said...

That's REALLY pretty Cindy!! =)

edina said...

Hi Cindy, I'm sorry I missed out on seeing your lovely shrine yesterday. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words about my shrine. Hope you'll be able to make it to another PAC meeting in the future!