Saturday, August 19, 2006

A quiet house!

Here are some charms I made last year. I love to solder!

Nicholas has been at an overnight camp since Wednesday for kids of Guard members. It's his first time being away from home for this long - 5 days! Part of me is very excited for him to being going away to camp and having adventures, but the Mommy part of me worries. Will he eat enough? Will he change his underwear? Will the other kids be nice to him? Sigh. Everyone has told me that going to camp for the first time is harder on Mommy than it is on the child. I hope so. I want him to have a wonderful time.

Mike and I thought we'd get a lot done while Nicholas is gone. HA! It hasn't happened so far. Mike has drill this weekend, so I'm on my own during the day today and tomorrow. I can't tell you what a rarity that is! I'm working on my fatbook pages for the A&S swap. And, I need to get some work done around this house.

My latest art obsession has been fabric art. I am completely enamoured with mini art quilts. I bought a BUNCH of fabric last night, along with embroidery floss, batting, etc. to start making some. Those fat quarters at the fabric store are like M&Ms! You just keep tossing them in. I'll post a photo when I actually sit down and do one. After the fatbook pages...

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