Thursday, June 15, 2006

My office-mates today

I worked at home today and these two were my office companions. Oscar the cat and Dexter the dog. Oscar seemed a bit put out that Dexter and I were upstairs invading his quiet time. I don't think he liked the constant clicking of the keyboard, either. Dexter was just happy to get to sleep on the bed all day. They, of course, stayed at opposite ends of the bed. No cuddling for those two. It was a very productive day for me, work-wise *and* I didn't have to drive 60 miles round trip! I think I'll do this more often.

It was Nicholas' last day of fourth grade. The kids all counted down the last 30 seconds of being fourth graders. Now Nicholas just has to have our neighbor, Gay, wave her wand over him to make it official. She teaches elementary school and has a wand that she waves over the kids to make them "officially" the next grade. Nicholas asks her to do it to him every year. Gee, I wonder if he'll do that when he's in middle or high school? I'm guessing not.

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Bridget =) said...

Dexter is ADORABLE!!! Why did I think he was a beagle? hmmmm.

TOo funny about N and the hand waving to make it official!